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I do not ship my cages but can ship the supplies and treats. Just send me an e-mail if you are interested in any of my cages or supplies. If you need supplies or herbs shipped to you you may e-mail me what you need and I can check on shipping costs. Prices are subject to change.

Cages for Sale
Homemade cages. The cage on the left is a double cage that houses my 2 pairs of chins. Each side is 18" wide X 24" deep X 28" tall. It has 2 levels with a 2 1/2" deep Duratray on the bottom & a 1/2" metal tray for the top floor. They also have urine guards included. The cage on the right is a standard single cage with the same features as the double only smaller. I can also make 24" wide X 24" deep X 28" tall or customize one for you. Anything other than the standard or double cages may take longer for me to make for you.

NOTE: Cages do not come with the items pictured inside. They must be purchased separately.

$80 for 18" X 24" X 28" high
$110 for 24" X 36" X 28" high

Supplies for Sale
24" long urine guard

I can order 18" urine guards or 36" urine as needed. Prices will be a little higher or lower.

5 oz EZ food/treat crock

each cage should have 2 crocks, 1 for food & 1 for treats

Glass Water Bottle
Toy Bell Ball
Hanging Toy

toy sizes and varieties may vary

EZ Resting Board
Bottle Brush
Tube Brush
Exercise Wheel

colors may vary


colors and designs may vary

Chin Up
Sleep 'n Ledge
picture coming soon
Treats and Herbs for Sale
Apple Wood Bundle

Great source of fiber.

Calf Manna
$1.00 per lb

High protein and calcium supplement.

Rosehips (dried)
$0.75 per oz

Great source of vitamin C.

Echinacea Herb (dried)
$0.75 per oz

Helps boost the immune system and speed healing.

Healing Herbs (dried)
$0.75 per oz

Ingredients: echinacea, echinacea root, comfrey, comfrey root, meadowsweet, rosehips

Used for snuffles, conjunctivitis, infections, etc.

Healing Herb Tea Bags (6 per order)

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