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Rabbits are very hardy animals and don't tend to get sick very often. However; when they do get sick, it is often severe. Immediate treatment is a necessity or you could very quickly lose your beloved pet. I would reccommend the treatments listed below and/or calling your veterinarian and/or e-mailing me with natural treatment options and/or buying some herbs from Mountain Rose Herbs to treat your bunny. I have set this page up so that any herbs I have listed that are available from Mountain Rose Herbs are made into a link directly to the page where you can purchase them from Mountain Rose Herbs. You can purchase these herbs in sizes starting at 4oz. I carry a few herbs as well. You can e-mail me for what is available and/or visit my Cages, Supplies, and Services page for details .

Rabbits are prone to heat stroke. If your pet is housed outdoors you can spray it with a mist of cool water-especially on the ears, neck, and head-to prevent it from overheating when the temperature rises above 85 degrees or when the humidity is high. This should be done at least once a day. If your rabbit is panting excessively and/or drooling a lot, it could be starting to experience heat stroke. Bring the rabbit inside and wrap it in a cool, wet towel to reduce its' body temperature. If your rabbit's behavior doesn't return to normal within an hour or so, call your veteranarian immediately.

Extreme cold could cause your rabbit to freeze to death. It is a good idea to fill your rabbit's shelter box with straw when temperatures go below 40 degrees and to line the floor of the hutch with straw when the temperatures drop below 20 degrees. This does wonders for keeping them warmer. I recommend bringing your rabbit inside if the temperature drops below 5 degrees.

Diarrhea is usually caused by a rabbit being given too many treats, switching foods too quickly, being stressed, because of an imbalance in the gut bacteria, or a bacterial infection. 1 tsp. of yogurt can be given once a day. Some favorite flavors are raspberry, banana, strawberry, and strawberry/banana. Oats are also a good remedy. About 1/4 cup a day should do the trick. Some herbs that are good for diarrhea are peppermint (but do not use for pregnant or nursing does since mint dries up the mink supply) and dill. A little bit of pedialyte can be given to help restore the nutrients that have been lost. The problem should clear up in a couple of days. If it doesn't clear up in a few days, call your veterinarian. I haven't been able to find a natural treatment for a bad bacterial infection such as enteritis. Enteritis symptoms are bloated belly, jelly like secretion in the stool, and loose stool or diarrhea. It is usually brought on by a baby bunny being weaned to soon and not being able to digest it's solid food well enough. Older rabbits can get it as well but the reasons for this are unknown. I suspect it is because their immune systems are weaker. I've had 3 cases of enteritis. The only thing that worked to clear up 2 of the cases was a medication from my veterinarian called Flagile. The other case was 2 litters of kits that were only a few weeks old. The only thing the veterinarian could figure was they had some sort of toxin in their systems. He gave me a detox called cholestyramine. It was a powder I mixed with water and gave orally with a syringe. I managed to save 2 of the babies but the rest died before I was able to get the detox. Your rabbit can also get constipated from the same reasons they get diarrhea. A few raisins can be given each day to help clear it up. Cooked apples are also a good remedy.

Rabbits occasionally get hairballs that they are unable to discharge since they lack the ability to vomit. If your rabbit stops eating and its' stomach feels very hard, it may have a hairball. 1 tsp. or about 3 cc's of pineapple juice can be given once or twice a day to break it up. You'll probably want to use a liquid syringe to squirt it directly into your pet's mouth to be sure it is drinking it. I give pineapple juice every so often as a preventative as well as giving apple twigs and timothy hay. Papaya pieces given as an occasional treat are also a good preventative. Pet Smart and other pet supply stores carry them. Some herbal treatments are psyllium, flax seed, and fennel.

Sore hocks is a condition rabbits can get if they live on all wire cage floors. Their back feet get very sore and often end up with open wounds if they have no way of getting off of the wire. I provide resting mats (see my Cages, Supplies, and Services page to view resting mats for sale) for each rabbit so they have a place to get off of the wire floor. I also have wooden boxes for them to sit in or on top off (see my Housing page for more information on boxes). Sore hocks is easily preventable if you provide places for your pet to get off of the wire. If you rabbit does get sore hocks, your veterinarian can give you a prescription of SSD-silver sulfadiazine cream to help clear it up. Comfrey herb can be used as an external compress for sore hocks as well.

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