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We are usually pretty careful about what we eat so we can stay healthy and energetic. Your rabbit's diet is just as important. Everyone seems to have a different opinion as to what is the best rabbit diet. Some people say strictly pellets, some say strictly timothy hay. Some like alfalfa based pellets, others like timothy based. I have used the Buckeye brand of alfalfa based rabbit pellets as my herd's staple diet for 13 years and my Dad used it for his herd before that. My rabbits are thriving on it so I have confidence that it is a good feed. In my research I have found that APD (American Pet Diner) has the best all around pellet, but most stores don't carry it. You can order it directly from American Pet Diner or from Drs. Foster and Smith/the Ferret Store. Purina Mills also has a good pellet that many feed stores carry. Always change your rabbit's pellet brand gradually over a period of 1-2 weeks by mixing in a little more of the new pellets each day until the old pellets are gone. I usually only give timothy hay every once in awhile since it is messy and more difficult to store than pellets. The added hay, however; helps prevent hair balls so it is a good idea to use it sometimes. Try to stay away from the pellet mixtures that have treats mixed in with the pellets. Rabbits tend to eat out the treats and either leave the pellets or dig them out looking for more treats, therefore; wasting the most wholesome part of their diet.

I use wall hanging crocks for my rabbits. I like the crocks best since there don't need to be any cuts in the wire to hang them like the dispensers. They simply clip to the side of the wire cage/hutch. See my cages, supplies, and services page to see the crocks I use. Female rabbits tend to overeat and get fat, so it is a good idea to limit their food to approximately 1/2 cup of pellets for 3-4 1/2 lbs of body weight per day (a little more or less depending on how big and/or energetic your rabbit is). If your rabbit lives outside, this amount should be increased to approximately 3/4 cup per day in the winter time (temperatures under 40 degrees). It's a good idea to feed her twice a day so she doesn't get overly hungry between meals. Males tend to burn off more energy than females, so it isn't as important to limit their food. I still limit mine, though, since it is easier to keep track of how well they are eating each day. Baby rabbits up to 5-6 months of age should have unlimited pellets beacuse they are still growing and need the extra nutition.

Good Foods To Be Given As Treats
NOTE: Treats should be given sparingly, with the exception of hay that can be unlimited if so desired. Ex: 1 inch slice banana,
3-6 carrot/fruit peels or slices, 3-5 raisins/berries, 1/4 cup corn/oats, 2-4 dandelions/beet leaves, etc.
grass (only when it's dry)

timothy hay (or any grass hay)

clover leaves and flowers

dandelion leaves and flowers


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